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Name: Josh
Age: 10
Favorite Things: Tech, video games, Minecraft, doing the radio.
Feeling: Better than i was all so happy.

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Hi I am Josh and I am 10. I like hanging out in the radio room with Aden my best friend. In the radio room I like to help the others on the computer. I am not as sporty as Daniel and Taylor but do some sport. I am doing Hockey in the A team so that will be cool. I also run other blogs too here is a link to my Ellerslie one . We are all from Raumati South School click here to see our school web site.
We are at 107 FM (you may not get out signal but if you are close to our you will should be get our signal)
It is nearly school holiday so I will update this after it and maybe in it some time. You can comment if you like.


Anonymous said...

josh is the best

Mr Potato said...

hey this is mr potato saying piece out!

RBS Anonymous said...
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